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• Control of the Modern Slipway Ship Launching and Pulling System image
This system can be used to control the motors which are applied in Slipway launching and pulling system. [ detail... ]
Genetic algorithm
• Proposal of GA Using Symbiotic Evolutionary Viruses image
A proposal of new GA which is based on both the building block hypothesis and Virus theory of Evolution. [ detail... ]
• Search improvement in efficiency of the genetic algorithm in a nurse scheduling problem image
The proposal of the search algorithm which creates the scheduling table automatically. [ detail... ]
Human interface
• Acquistion of Life Pattern of Living Alone Elderly Using Interaction with a Pet Robot image
A system to presume lifestyle patterns of the living alone elderly using pet robots, with which eldery people feel at ease. [ detail... ]
• Multiwindow Layout System Based on User Operation History image
This system determinse the best window positions for each user automatically based on user operation history. [ detail... ]
• Search System on a Shopping Site Based on User's Browsing History image
This system gives suitable search results for user interests even when the user inputs ambiguous search words. [ detail... ]
• Superimposed Caption System for Improving Its Visibility image
The system adjusts the lightness of the area on which the captions are superimposed for improving the visibility. [ detail... ]
• Kansei Evaluation and Physiological Measurment of Percussion Music image
Quantifying Kansei of percussion music by psychology and physiologic measurement. [ detail... ]
• Townscape Support System Based on Kansei and Colour Harmony Models image
This system offers proposition colour combinations for townscapes based on input desired impressions. [ detail... ]
Management information
• Inference of Agent's Strategy in a Virtual Futures-transactions Market Using Genetic Programming image
This system infer other agents' strategies based on user's own order and its result. [ detail... ]
• Portfolio Selection by SOM and An Asset Allocation of Risk / Nonrisk Assets by Fuzzy Reasoning Using the Selected Brands image
This system offers risk/nonrisk asset allocation ratio based on selected brands using SOM. [ detail... ]
• Applying Multi-agent learning by Genetic Programing to Pursuit Game image
The method of detarmining the rules used for the evaluation of individuals in Genetic Programing via a pursuit game. [ detail... ]
• A Proposal of Co-Evolutionary System Using Classifier System for Development of Strategies in Team Match up Game image
A co-evolutionary system which reciprocally develops teams' strategies. [ detail... ]